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About Reflex

Since our inception in 1996 Reflex has delivered many firsts to the Indian Industry in Robotics and Handling Automation. Our first major machine in the End-Of-Line domain was in 2007. Reflex deployed India's first Robotic Palletizer. Since then, buoyed by the growing demand from Industry for innovative and unique Handling and Packaging Machines specially for Indian products Reflex has  been at the forefront of next-generation packaging technologies; a brand trusted for its rich legacy of pioneering innovation, extensive domain knowledge and manufacturing competency in Handling &  packaging systems. Under PACKTOPACKOFF, Reflex offers a complete one-stop solution for the End-Of-Line Automation.

Our core strengths were and still remain the same : Our ability to innovate. Our design are not constraints by existing boundaries of engineering. We have a legacy of breaking barriers. 

Our BONDGREEN machine range, launched in 2018 stands testimony to our ability to innovate. Many Indian majors have benefitted immensely by investing in our (then) unproven concepts. BONGREEN machines help FMCG and other industry reduce the consumption of plastic in their secondary and tertiary packing.

Based in Navi Mumbai, India, our sales & service network spans across the length and breadth of India. We have presence in all major states in India and have 1000+ installations across INDIA  and 100+ outside the country.