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The Indian Dairy Industry is the biggest in the world. And the fastest developing. Reflex contribute in this growth with its Automatic Crate Handling Solutions.

Post pouch insertion, Crates have to be stacked to be stored in the cold room. This operation can prove to be a serious bottle-neck for high pouch lines. Our StackUp automatically stacks 1200 crates per hour.

Our offering...

It is a Complete Crate Handling Solution that we are offering, right from unloading empty crates from the incoming truck to the dispatch post filling . A solution with Conveying Systems for the product and stacks. Our Smart Sensors can also identify the SKUs in the crate and divert the crates according to your system design. 

All equipment are tailor-made with highest quality materials and standards to ensure safety, flexibility and performance and guarantee maximum equipment efficiency (OEE).

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