Paint Industry 

Handling heavy and bulky SKUs have always been a challenge and bottle neck in the Paint Industry. Reflex pioneered India's First Robotic Palletizer in 2007. Since then Reflex has catered to all the major players of the Indian Paint Industry with a variety of Robotic Handling Solutions.

Edible Oil

India's unique Edible Oil SKUs require specialized handling solutions. Reflex has innovated multiple solutions for the Industry. AutoCollar our invention for auto-gluing the tin collar is today an industry norm.

Milk Dairy

Our innovative solution in Crate Handling are already improving the efficiencies of some major dairies. We believe, Dairies handling above 1 llpd(lac liters per day)  stand to gain a lot from our automatic crate handling machines. Our Case Packers and Palletizers too can enhance the productivity of the Value Added products of the Dairy Industry.


Under  PACKTOPACKOFF, we serve the FMCG Industry with Case Packers and Palletizers.

Under BondGreen, we help this industry reduce the consumption of plastic.